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3 Good Things Writing a Diary Brought to me

I write a diary for this 2 and half months, recently have written it twice or so a week.

Following are 3 of the many good points that writing a diary brings to me:

  1. Able to express my nonsense feeling without paying attention to anybody, like "Went to drink with my friend and something happened", or "Read new novel and felt blah-blah-blah".
  2. Able to brush up my messy idea. In my experience, the best way to improve an idea is: Conceive an idea → Sleep with it for one night → Get up and write it down on my diary.
  3. Able to keep my private weekend project effectively. The reason why is that I could follow the Plan-Do-Check-Action cycle.

If that helps, although I heard it's useful to write a diary on blog system in private mode such as Blogger, I'm using 10YearsDiary (iTunes).


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