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How to book flight ticket if your passport does not have a first or last name?

Good to know there're other people who are struggling with the same issue to you.
No worries, you are certainly minority but still there're a bunch of people whose either given name or surname is blank in passport.

Here's Q&As on online forums:

In a nutshell, unfortunately there's no quick standard way to solve the problem. The bottom line is you need to make sure how to fill in form by calling airline customer centre.

Read a story below as short funny story. This is what my wife and I experienced and how we fought with reality.

My wife is Mongolian Chinese and only has given name. However due to technical restriction or the rule of Chinese Government, her passport only has surname but given name is blank.

Anyway this is the list what we filled in as my wife's given name to online forms:

  • "MS" for woman and "MR" for man: Sichuan airlines
  • "NONE":

Not surprisingly, we face difficulty not only when booking international ticket. One health insurance society registered whitespace as my wife's surname and they told us that they cannot ensure it will be problem or not. I asked them to enter my surname instead but they declined because it is different from what is written in ID card of my wife. Sure sure alright you can do it, but as software engineer, I can easily predict something unexpected will happen.

Sometimes my wife gets lucky e.g., one airline offered her a first class seat for checkin delay due to the lack of knowledge how to issue boarding pass without given name. But she deserve it, right?

Happy shitty days!

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